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Greer Garson played hostess at her lovely Bel Air home to the twelve youngsters who played with her in a forthcoming film called, “Her Twelve Men.” Here four of them George Folsey, Peter Votiren, Dale Hartleben and Tim Marxer (left to right), get special service. Looks as if George will have to remove those comic teeth if he’s going to eat more ice cream and cake. 2/5/1954


Louis B. Mayer: Who do you think is the most brilliant and glittering of my stars?

Sydney Guilaroff: Greer Garson.

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He was a poet of the real. He knew all about cows, bulls, cars, and ocean tides. He had the enthusiasm of a boy. He could always tell you his first vivid impression of a thing. He had an old-fashioned politeness, but he said nothing casually.

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Bill Powell + incredibly expressive face

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Carole Lombard, 1930

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