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Myrna Loy at the Marlow Theatre

Ginger Rogers at the 25th Annual Academy Award Presentation

Greer Garson at the 25th Annual Academy Award Presentation

"It was an incredible lesson for me when the totality of Myrna as a woman and actress began to emerge. I think of her as woman incarnate, truly multifaceted and very, very deep. As in a pool, a deep, deep pool, you only see the surface, but all the drops from different sources flow into it, immediately becoming part of the whole. This depth is manifested in her acting. The slightest thing she does has a force, while others could chew the scenery and it wouldn’t mean a thing. When Myrna does a scene, she appears to be so low-key and doing practically nothing discernible, yet when you sit in the rushes the next day, she zings out of the screen. It’s the most amazing translation. Does she have an instinct the rest of us don’t have? I don’t know. It’s as though she has something, an elusive quality, that only the camera can see. It must be a gift, a God-given quality that somehow is captured. She was absolutely made for motion pictures."

- Jeanne Crain

Happy Birthday Myrna Adele Williams, better known as Myrna Loy (August 2, 1905 – December 14, 1993)